Plexiglass and it's use in our world

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Plexiglass is a material that has been around almost a century now. Because of its extraordinary composition it finds usage in many areas of human life. The formula that makes it represents a polymer reaction between several molecules of methyl acrylate. The properties that these structure posses are various. From the transparency to ability to bend are found to be useful in construction.

However there are some properties that make the Plexiglass useful in medicine as well. First of them is that they are hypo allergic. Translated from medical point of view this means that the material may be used to replace some tissues in the body. The hypo allergic quality is very important for doctor since there are not so many materials that are hypo allergic and although have some of the qualities like transparency and ability to bend that may be used as a replacement parts. It is found that the Plexiglass has really good tissue compatibility. In every single cell in our body there are some protein located on the outer side of the cell that are unique for the cell and as well as for the organism. These proteins are called antigens. When some foreign body comes to the human body the immune system finds that there are a number of new unique antigens that it has not met before. This initiates the immune attack of this foreign body to either destroy it or to banish it from the organism.

Because the Plexiglass has some antigens that resembles the antigens of normal human body it makes it perfect material to be used in substitute parts. One of the very common usages of Plexiglass is in the lens in the eyes. The normal lens may be damaged by cataracts or by any other process and need to be replaced. This kind of operations was performed in the last 50 years or so and has proven to be really effective with no rejection from the human organism.

As we mentioned before Plexiglass has other unique qualities that makes it extraordinary. One of them is the strength. Because of this the material may be used in some tissue that is under heavy pressure. Such tissues are the bones. Plexiglass here may be used as a round cover to make the two bones to heal better and faster.

There is a way this material is used in the cosmetic surgery as well. The scars are nasty things to handle and even after 20 or 30 years they are still visible. This thing destroys the self esteem that every person has. One of the ways to deal with it is the Plexiglass. The scientists today have come up with a way to inject this material in some micro capsules directly into the scar. By that there are is high percentage chance to completely remove the scar or make it less visible. However this is still tested since some side effects need to be investigated further.